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St Heliers Street Gallery


Ground floor
Convent building

Open Hours

Tuesday – Saturday
8am – 5pm




Ground floor
Convent building

Open Hours

Tuesday – Saturday
8am – 5pm



Established in 2009, St Heliers Street Gallery is an Abbotsford Convent Foundation initiative. The gallery is located on the ground floor of the main Convent building, next to Cam’s Kiosk: a bustling café and local institution for knock-off drinks. The gallery welcomes over 2,000 visitors a week, it is an artistic hub, a natural meeting place and a great space for sharing work with a diverse and growing audience.

St Heliers Street Gallery is managed by the Abbotsford Convent Foundation in partnership with Cams. It showcases work by the Convent’s artistic community, as well as providing an affordable space for emerging artists to exhibit. There is a year-round exhibition schedule, with no commission is charged on any works sold. All sales proceeds go directly to artists.

The gallery presents contemporary arts and cultural works across all art forms. We work collaboratively with artists and in partnership with other arts and cultural organisations to share our unique, multi-arts precinct with a broad audience. We aim to stimulate engagement and cultural exchange through the wonderful and unexpected curiosities of our people and our place—and community spaces like St Heliers Street Gallery are at the heart of that vision.

Current exhibition

Melbourne Art Therapy – In Good Company  |  May 1 – May 23

Upcoming exhibitions

Simon Swingler – Art Worth Saving |  26 May – 19 June

David Booth/Ghostpatrol – Set Adrift on Garden Bliss | 26 May – 19 June

Previous exhibitions


Angela Rossitto – Midst | 3 Mar – 28 Mar

Kirsten Moegerlein – In Flood | 3 Mar – 27 Mar

Annabel McCourt – Flying the Flag | 25 Jan – 27 Feb


Annie Edney and Iris Marie Bergmann – re-earthing

Oscar O’Shea – Rubberneck

Jess Jarvie – Among the Leaves, Among the Shadows

Annie O’Rourke – Work of Reclamation

Isabel KoslowskyDreamscapes of the Natural World

Amelia Dowling, James Hale and Allison Taplin – Public | Private


Eugenie Kawabata  – Second Life

David Helmers – How Things Make You Feel

Arts Project Australia – Common Thread


Ghost WaresAggregate

Helga SalweThree weeks in Morocco

Jo Condon and Nadin – The Light Within

Jacqueline Claire Smith – Water Burial


Sarah Tracton – Hearing for Silence

NGV Melbourne Design Week – How Much Can a Koala Bear

University of Melbourne Early Learning Centre – Sticks and Stones and Feathers


Linda Oy Ho – Cellular to Stellar

Rebecca Thomas and Natasha Sutila – It Could Go Either Way

Jacqueline Felstead – All Angles Forever

Rosi Griffin – Fractured Dwellings

Casey Schuurman – Brave Face