Melbourne Fringe 2022 EOI

We’re inviting Expressions of Interest for Melbourne Fringe 2022 projects across all art forms.

Just four kilometres from Melbourne’s CBD and spread over 16 acres, Abbotsford Convent is Australia’s largest multi-arts precinct. We work collaboratively with artists and arts organisations to present a year-round program of contemporary work that engages, surprises and delights audiences. We aim to encourage investigation, learning and spark important new conversations.  

The Convent is inviting Expressions of Interest for Melbourne Fringe 2022 projects across all art forms. We‘re looking for creative projects that champion play and activate the unique buildings and grounds of the Abbotsford Convent precinct. We celebrate diversitycommunity and layered immersive storytelling and would especially like to hear from artists and producers with a disability out there.  

The Convent’s unique indoor and outdoor spaces, from nooks and crannies to large and expansive, present an exciting opportunity for artists to explore and reimagine how works can connect with audiences in imaginative and innovative ways.

So, if you’ve been cooking up a work, we want to hear from you!  

Before You Apply 

To ensure you are on the right track, make sure you do the following before you apply:  

  1. Read the FAQs below. Knowing what is expected of you before applying will help your planning.
  2. Have a look at our venues  here. There is lots of information here to assist artists, including venue videos, floor plans and prices.  
  3. Read over the Application Checklist (below) to ensure you have everything you need to apply.  


Does the Convent run a box office? 

The ACF does not have a box office function. This is the responsibility of the artist. We can provide trestle tables and linen but we cannot provide staff in kind.  

Does the convent have equipment? 

Yes! Staging, chairs, and bar infrastructure, tenser barriers are all available in kind. The Convent can provide basic audio on a first-in-first-served basis. Lighting and production equipment will need to be provided by the artist.  

What noise restrictions are there? 

Please consider the noise impact of your project on the Convent community. Noise and noise bleed around certain areas of the precinct need to be kept to a minimum during office hours. This is particularly important around the Eastern wing, which is where wellbeing practitioners and writers are located. 

A general rule, please ensure that any amplified sound and noise cannot be heard above 65 decibels in the indoor spaces, and 80 in outdoor spaces. The Producers will assist you with a noise management plan pre and during the show.  

 Is there any technical support? 

Technical support is not provided. You will need to provide us with a timeline of your project, and your production staff contact details and duties. We frequently work with Melbourne Audio Visual (MAV), however, there are many suppliers who can provide you quotes based on your show needs.  

Is there funding available?  

We wish! But we do offer subsidised venue hire rates for all successful Fringe EOI applications, this is 50% off our standard venue rate. We offer limited marketing and communications and producer support and the opportunity to be part of a supportive and unique artistic community.  Keep your eye on Fringe Fund for opportunities; there is long-lead funding for 2023 currently available.  

When would I pay for venue hire?  

We will provide you with a venue hire contract with a staggered payment schedule: 20% on confirmation, 40% halfway and the remaining balance two weeks before show day. Independent artists receive a subsidised rate of 50% off.

What is wheelchair access like at the Convent? 

Detailed information about the precinct, broken down by venues, can be found here. This includes bathroom, parking and accessible charging points.  

Can I serve food and/ or alcohol? 

If you are planning to serve food or alcohol as part of your event, you will be required to organise and present all relevant permits and discuss details in advance with the ACF Team.  A VCGLR Temporary Liquor Licence costs $60 and can be obtained 6 weeks in advance here.  Please discuss bar options for staffing, stock, and bar splits with the Producers via   

What about security? 

The ACF does not provide security for your project or your equipment. Depending on the type, time and expected attendance at your event, this might be something you need to factor in. If you are planning on running a bar you will need to factor in the cost of a security guard for the event/s.  

Do I need insurance? 

Any public event will require you to have public limited liability insurance for $20 million. You will need to present the insurance certificate to the ACF in advance of the event. Duck for Cover offers affordable insurance for artists, more information is available here 

Will I need to complete a Risk Assessment?  

Yes! We will need you to keep yourself, your collaborators, and your audience members safe. A risk assessment is a handy way to think through what could go wrong and plan ahead. You will be asked to submit a risk assessment 2 weeks prior to the show. The producers will provide you with a template and relevant past examples to support you.   

Application Check List 

  1. View venue hire prices and options. 
  2. Go for a walk around the the Convent precinct and get familiar with our 16 acres of Heritage Listed venues and green spaces.  
  3. Detailed Budget Planning – Applications that provide a thorough and feasible budget which considers production, lighting, staff, permitting and bar costs are looked upon favourably.  
  4. Production Plan – Think about what technical support your show needs, what equipment is required and who will provide the technical support to ensure it really shines.  
  5. Contact the Producers to have a chat –  Heven and Shae can assist you with troubleshooting questions. Book a chat with them at

To apply 

Please submit your application here.

If you have any questions, please email us or call 03 9415 3600.